Smile Style game

Smile Style is a semi-dynamic paper doll makeover game that features six Disney-esque princesses who want to win an online challenge in which each girl's style must attempt to match the emotions or attitudes of onscreen emojis (i.e., in love, happy devil, frowning while angry, cool dude, joyful angel and crying while sad). The player's goal is to help each princess look her best with makeup and accessories.


Mouse: Click buttons. To apply makeup, position the cursor at the tail end of the arrow, press the left button to make a fog effect appear, drag the mouse along the tail toward the head, and then release the button. To apply an accessory, click the spot.
Mobile: Tap buttons. To apply makeup, position the cursor, press the trackpad or screen, wait for the fog effect, drag the finger or stylus along the arrow, and then stop pressing the surface. To apply an accessory, tap the spot.

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Published by company: DL-studio
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Dress up



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