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There is no need to rush in this ABCya3 free game: Sort Hoop because you have all the time that you need to clear a level. However, if you make one wrong move, the game will be over because of the fallen stack immediately! There will be some stacks of hoops on the screen, each of them consists of 4 hoops. Your job is to pick the 4 hoops of the same color from the scattered bunch and arrange them to each stack neatly. It has such easy gameplay that kids have been hooked on it for hours and hours.

The addictive gameplay will make this game your favorite on the new puzzle game collection. The main objective remains to sort the hoops by their color theme. Think clearly to draw out a strategy that you can follow without making any mistake. Once you manage to master the rules and the basics of the game, it's a piece of cake. Keep in mind an important rule that might make or break your record in this game at During each turn, it's mandatory for you to move one hoop. Moreover, the hoop that you chose to move has to have the same color as the previous one on the chosen stack.

The higher the levels you conquer, the more difficulties that you have to encounter, which makes the game more and more exciting. Feel the satisfaction of clearing out all the hoops and keeping them neatly stacked on the pole! Overcoming one level is the only way to unlock and move onto the next, therefore, do your best to find the shortest path!

How to play:

Click and hold the left button to choose and move the hoops.

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