Stickman vs Skibidi Toilet game

Stickman vs Skibidi Toilet is a straight-forward action-adventure game with fighting where you have to do street fights against the Skibidi Toilets, with you, as the stickman warrior, being the only one that can take them on and save the world from their danger, something we can now explain to you, so that you can have the same kickass experience as we did!

In this game, you will have to help one of the Stickmen survive in this nightmare and fight against toilet monsters. Your character will be visible on the screen in front of you in the direction of which the Skibidi Toilets will move. You will have to bring them to a certain distance and then open fire to kill. Try not to let them get close to your character, but if they still manage to surround him, then you will have to engage in hand-to-hand combat with the enemy. In this case, they can cause some damage, so you should monitor the health level of your hero. Your task is to destroy your opponents and for this in the game Stickman vs Skibidi Toilet you can get a reward. This way you can purchase new types of weapons and ammunition for your hero.

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How to play:

On-screen controls: Use arrows and WASD keys to move and jump Use C key to defend yourself

Use E key for Special Touch Controls: Use game buttons to move, jump, defend, attack and special

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