Street Basketball game

What attracted me from the first time I played Street Basketball at was the extremely realistic graphics. I feel like I'm a real basketball player and I'm playing with other incredibly professional players. The color of the game is very eye-catching, it helps us feel like we are playing basketball on a school field on a bright sunny day. We are again like a 20-year-old student playing basketball with friends in the schoolyard. Your task is to throw the ball exactly in to the basket and get as many points as possible.

Do you think it's that simple? However, Street Basketball is really a challenging game for a lot of people, including you. Because the speed of the ball is too fast and it is difficult for you to control the ball into the correct position in the basket. You will see the control column on the screen and the ball will move continuously at a fast speed on the screen.

Your task is to calculate carefully to hit the ball and keep it in the center of the basket. From there, the ball will correctly fall into the basket and help you win the score. In each round, you will have a fixed amount of time. So you have to complete the mission before time runs out and get as many scores as you can in Street Basketball.

How to play:

 You can use the mouse to click the screen or press the spacebar to stop the ball and throw the ball.

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