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Toon Blast Online brings a new ultimate puzzle game to the list of ABCya3 which requires the player's agility, reflexes, and good maneuvering to keep the bear going. Do your best to conquer all challenging puzzles while figuring out the right path leading to the destination. As each level is different with the newly added challenging puzzle, you need to constantly update the skills and character to keep up with the game. By touching the correct block, the players can release the bear from the deadly traps and help him escape.

That's only the first move in the long journey to complete the levels. Do your best to increase the speed in order to become faster and faster. In this mission of escaping, stay alert and steer clear of a wide range of obstacles such as fire, spikes, traps, holes, flying rocks, blades, and so on. The final destination of the game will bring the bear to the master of traps and puzzles. How smart are you when it comes to moving the right blocks among lots of objects? Solving the hard challenge when you reach higher levels will not be easy, therefore, continue the journey with plenty of knowledge from previous winning stages.

Would you like to invite some friends or family to join the game and spread the fun spirit? We welcome both advanced players and newbies to explore the gaming world online.

How to play:

Use the mouse cursor to choose and interact on PC.

Use the touchpad on mobiles to play.

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