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Do you want to build your very own Eiffel, Big Ben, or even Pisa? You can do it in Tower Match - an addicting tower-building game available for free at This arcade game has very simple gameplay and control mechanics. All you need to do is to click or tap at the right time to make the moving block land perfectly on the previous block. Try to place as many blocks as possible. The higher the tower and the more perfect your move, the more coins you get.

You want to precisely align one block with another in order the get the highest reward. The block will appear from the left or the right side of the screen and keep moving back and forth. Timing your tap or click to make the blocks stack up perfectly. The non-perfect stack increases the moving speed of the block. It means the moving speed of the blocks gets faster and faster after each miss. You don’t have to stack up the block within a given time; therefore, don’t rush. Take your time to time your action.

The number of blocks that you stack up successfully each time you play will sum up and when the reward bar is filled up, you will get a reward that can be a piece of the new building. You can build Pyramid, Big Ben, Empire, Pagoda, Taipei, Light House, Kremlin, Pisa, Eiffel, and so on. With coins that you earn, you can buy 3 power-ups including Start Boost, Double Coins, and Extra Width. The blocks will be cut off with each sloppy placement. As a result, they get smaller and smaller, and that increases the ability to fail.


Left click.

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