Unblock Cube 3D game

See the direction of the arrows to move each piece and win the level of Unblock Cube 3D at ABCya unblocked. You can rotate the block and complete this new mission. Tap the blocks to make them fly away and pass the levels. The blocks will only move in one direction, so you have to approach this mind-challenging game carefully. This puzzle game helps you relax and train your brain. Find the correct movement direction or rotate the block to solve the levels.

This simple game for multiplayer joins to kill free time. Enjoy the moment of winning the new game space based on the gameplay we present to you. Unlock countless quests with new gameplay tips. Players save this game to their favorite game list and win all levels. With each turn, players can collect more experience. Enjoy your free time with different gameplay strategies. You can hardly lose in this simple puzzle game. You just need to drag each puzzle piece in the right direction of the arrow to break the alignment of the block. This simple gameplay is for every player.

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How to play:

Use the left mouse button to move blocks and separate pieces in different directions.

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