Winx Club Baby Adventure game

Winx Club Baby Adventure is an exciting endless runner game about a Winx Club girl who wants to collect as many diamonds as possible and she wants you to join her. Here at ABCya3, picking up a huge number of diamonds is your main objective. On a road that has 4 lanes and several bends, you need to help Winx Club girl change the lane to both collect diamonds and dodge obstacles as well as other creatures. You can’t make Winx Club girl speed up or slow down but change the lanes freely.

The game ends only when our lovely girl hit one of those hurdles. Once she crashes into something, she hasn’t a second chance to keep her journey going on; therefore, don’t let her down. Try your best to help her reach her goal. The longer Winx Club girl survives the more scores you get. Each time you play, score to break the previous record. One of the interesting things about this game is the achievements. There are 13 achievements. Each time you reach one, you get a reward.

Don’t forget to use diamonds to unlock other Winx Club girls and embark on a new adventure with each of them. Even though they are the same, they have nothing special, let’s consider unlocking new characters as a mission to make the game more enjoyable. The road ahead welcomes you with many surprises. To discover them, you have to keep the Winx Club girl surviving as long as possible because once she dies, you have to start from the beginning.

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Rainbow S.p.A.

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