Wood Dice Merge game

Great wooden board game. Roll the dice, and match 3 of the same dice to merge the magic dice. Easy to play and hard to master. Those challenges will be present in the online game Wood Dice Merge at ABCya-3. You will conquer the levels of this game. Visualize it and find a way to play it. If you want to control the levels, you must have a very deep knowledge of math and have your playing strategies. Let's do a lot of new and interesting things together when playing and you will love it. Your task is to match 3 identical dice so that they will form a new dice.

Just like that, you will constantly link to get the dice with a larger total. But there is a rule that you can only place the same dice in a row. In some locations, you will not be able to place. Do you know the rules? Start now with the Wood Dice Merge online game at abcya puzzle games. Enjoy these moments of joy while playing that fascinating game. Start with arithmetic techniques to get the fastest pass. Mind game, you will show your wisdom when starting with this game. We're just getting ready to explore those attractions.

Let's show the flexibility of the brain to be able to do a lot more interesting things. It's even more fun trying to make more big dice. Attractive, rich gameplay will make you fall in love with it the first time you play it. Competitors will make you not afraid to show off when you try to do it. We will play together and find strategies to overcome those challenges. Solve the game's fun puzzles. Test your agility at the start of another game similar to Speed Typing Test and 1010 Treasure Rush.

Instructions: Use the mouse to play.

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