Wordscapes game

Wordscapes put your wording and letter-arranging skills to test with the most challenging puzzle filled with the tough vocabulary for sure! Your job is to align and choose the appropriate letters to form the required word on the board. The wide range of word that you will come across this game will be the key to sharpen your mind and create an addictive gameplay that kids of all ages can replay for as many times as they want. There is a different list of hidden words depending on the levels that you are on.

Do the best to quickly connect the letters as there is a limit to how long you can take to create hidden words to clear off the level. The game emphasizes the art of using the words cleverly and the art of assigning the letters to their correct positions. It's quite a challenge when you reach the higher stages and difficult words show up unexpectedly. Use the hints if you need to bypass the stage when there's no clue left. Moreover, the coins gained from the previous conquered level can be used as hints later, so save them up.

A tip for newbie is to work on the consonant to get a grip on the frame of the words before working on the vowel. Keep your eyes sharp and your brain working constantly to create the toughest vocabulary, meaningful words, and learn some new words that you have never heard of as well!

How to play Wordscapes:

Use the mouse cursor or touchpad to move the letters and arrange to make words.

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