World Cup Fever game

World Cup Fever is the most hyped-up season of the year. Would you like to join the sensation of this heating tournament with our ABCya3 new game: World Cup Fever? It's your chance to control your virtual team and compete alongside other strong competitors from all around the world. Similar to the structure of the world cup, the teams will compete against each other, and the winners fight winners, and losers fight losers. Once the basic 1v1 matches are done, we will move to the match day, then

Quarter-final, and Semi-final. It's an attractive game of sports with the best graphics and lovely animation that comes with no glitches or errors. First, choose your team's nationality and get a team of three characters for competing. Start hitting the first match with whichever character got matched with you! The goal is to move three players on the field once the whistle blows, capture the ball, and deliver the most goals. The moment the time runs out, whoever gains more goals will be the winner of that match. The movement of three players can be controlled simply by swiping the mouse toward the direction that you want them to move.

Feel free to move them individually based on the strategy that you have, or improvise and see where the game goes. Do you have the necessary techniques, knowledge, and skills to conquer the championship in this ABCya sports game from Invite some friends for multiplayer games, or enjoy the destressing time with a single relaxing game by yourself!

How to play:

Use the mouse to choose, interact, and swipe to move the characters.

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