World Of Fighters: Iron Fists game

The street is not safe. Lots of gangsters and street thugs are out there. It's time for some changes. You are in a group of heroes. You are outlawed. At night, you are the law. Clear the city, beat the boss, and become the champion. Discover the new version of the online game World Of Fighters: Iron Fists at ABCya-3.You will enjoy a lot of great new things. Play together and enjoy a lot of interesting things. You will become the hero of the night.

When everyone is sleeping you will clean up all the gangsters and return the streets clean. We will try to enjoy a lot of fun and good luck in the online game World Of Fighters: Iron Fists. Do you want to get started now? Invite your friends to join and share the fun with them. We will be surprised by the combat procedures. The gangsters are very numerous, you need to focus to be able to see the problem quickly. You will improve all things about skills, fighting with gangsters requires martial arts. Have you studied yet? If you haven't studied, you need to reach the finish line faster by working hard.

Everything is easy to overcome when you feel like it. Hone your skills as you learn through boxing. You can kick, punch your opponents and knock them down. The game will require you to accurately use steel punches to finish quickly when you see the goal. We will make full use of all our boxing skills to destroy the enemy in the night. Be the heroes of the city. You will wipe out all the dangerous gangsters.


Use arrow keys to move, Z to punch, X to kick, and C to protect.

Space to jump.

Double tap left or right and z or x to perform a special attack.

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