Zen Triple 3D game

]Challenging as it is, Zen Triple 3D - the new gaming option with the main theme of matching items from ABCya 2024 will easily become one of the most popular options for kids this summer! Thanks to the simple yet elaborated gameplay, the kids get the chance to emerge in a 3D world filled with a variety of items, ranging from usual items in daily life to strange ones that you only find here.

As it's a virtual matching game, the ultimate goal for all levels shall be to locate the set of three identical items with similar shapes, colors, and sizes. In order to efficiently locate all 3D objects among the bunch, the players will need to observe first to get a grip on the available set of items on the board. Once you have become familiar with them, start the work of finding and connecting the required sets of objects. Pay attention to the bubble on the right-side panel of the screen to keep track of each level's requirement as well as the remaining tasks.

Learning how to observe all the items from different directions by rotating the transparent bubble will be beneficial for you in the long run as it allows you to gain a proper use of props! Bear in mind that once the items in the bubble become harder for you to distinguish, feel free to take advantage of the gained props or hints to figure that level out.

Controlling keys:

Drag the mouse to select and click to match the set of identical items.

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