10x10 Gems Deluxe game

Have you ever tried a game filled with Tetris gameplay, but placed in a matching-styled platform? Let's hit this ABCya 3 new game called 10X10 Gems Deluxe for the gaming experience that isn't like any other online matching game! Not only will you need your problem-solving skills but your great observation and planning techniques will come in handy. Let us guide you through the basics of this game.

The rule is quite simple, and the ultimate goal shall be to clear out the required number of blocks. To do so, the players need to make use of the given pieces, each with its unique shape, to create the full line of rows and columns. There is no need to fill the lines from the top or the bottom. Any line that is fully hit will automatically be removed from the table. One of the most important elements for winning this puzzle is to make sure that you come up with a plan to place different shapes of blocks strategically. Once the grid has no space left for your pieces, the game will be over.

Be careful while trying to form the lines because leaving some spaces left for others will be crucial in keeping the game progress. Each piece comes with its unique shape and direction, which can't be changed. You can only brainstorm to find the best place on the grid to put it for the most efficient use. How many scores you can get in one go in this puzzle game? It's a game with neon-like colors and bright graphics to keep the puzzling time intense!


Use the mouse to move the pieces and place them.

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Freak X Games

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