Guardians Of Gold game

Guardians Of Gold is a great action game based on a small theme. As the name suggests, a guard is moving around underage kids trying to steal gold right in front of his nose. Your task is to bypass the guard and he will not realize you are transferring gold to others. The guard is the custodian of the gold and it is his responsibility to save the gold from the hands of thieves. The gameplay is quite simple. You need to transfer gold to your teammates and bury it in the trench for 25 seconds.

You just need to touch the friends to put the gold over. In the process, you must escape the sight of the guard. If he catches you, the game is over. So try to avoid being caught by his lamp and detector. Invite your friends to join the online game Guardians Of Gold at abcya arcade games. Get ready for the game full of mystery. You need to be very flexible and follow the direction of the guard so that he does not detect your intentions. To get the highest score, you need to do a lot of stages and challenges to find the shortest, most efficient path. You will perform detective-type missions, very quietly and quickly and make the guard lose control when he sees you.

They will be psychologically manipulated and not realize you are moving gold. The game is very attractive, fun and as a challenge, can the guard find you or not? You will play and make the game extremely fun. Enjoy a lot of sweetness when starting to join this exciting game. Are you ready to do that? Let's share so many interesting things.

Game controls:

Use the mouse to play the game.

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Freak X Games

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