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Start your journey here with Zoocraft - our latest addictive game with the theme of assembling and interaction that will let you create a personal zoo from scratch! Emerge in such a fun game to enjoy during your playtime thanks to easy rules and also bring a good experience with pixelated and Minecraft-inspired graphics. Emerge into this world inhabited by plenty of animals with different functions, unique assembling orders, and lots of varieties for you to explore! The key objective in this game from abcya 3 is to tame animals, build them from scratch by assembling pieces, improve your skills, make aviaries, and expand your territories!

Don't forget to travel to different corners of the earth and keep the experience more and more fun! Not only will you get the chance to be a part of an unforgettable journey that spans from the village meadow to the searing desert and freezing Antarctica but you also get to have fun! All you have to do is to fill the pens with animals. There will be rewarded coins for each animal you succeed in filling and try to keep adding it up! Earned money is displayed on the currency icon of the in-game screen, which can be utilized for building new enclosures, as well as for purchasing upgrades to improve your character's skill.

Use the right-side panel's icon with the image of Earth to open up the map. Feel free to select your desired location, yet keep in mind that the new location only opens up when you succeeded in purchasing the enclosure of a new territory. When the kids first tap onto any level, the assigned task shall pop up with the required details. Complete it within the given time to claim the maximum rewards here at https://abcya3games.net/ ! Keep the fun going with other games like Parkour Boss and Steve and Alex Skibidi Toilet later!

Controls: Use the mouse to play Zoocraft.

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