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Shooting games always give players a feeling of excitement and attraction after each round of play. If you love shooting games, Agent J promises to bring you many moments of relaxation. This game will give you a match against many enemies over some time. You will have no teammates to help, it will all depend on your shooting and fighting ability.

Your task is to shoot accurately at the enemy and kill them as quickly as possible. You will have to shoot continuously at the enemy until his energy is exhausted. In Agent J, you will win some points and use them to upgrade weapons like more modern guns. Enemies will continuously attack you. So, you will have a hiding place. Do your best to avoid getting shot and not let the enemy detect your position in the match. After each level, the number of enemies will increase significantly, so you have to try to earn a lot of money and upgrade weapons.

With modern weapons, you will easily defeat the enemy in just one shot. If you do not have modern weapons, the number of enemies is too large for you to destroy and they will quickly encroach on your territory. This game promises to bring you an extremely attractive and interesting match. You will experience the feeling of a professional shooter and defeat all enemies. Are you ready to explore this fascinating game?


You can click or touch the screen to shoot and move.

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