City Defense 2 game

Welcome to the exciting world of City Defense 2, a game that combines action and strategy in a way that will hold your attention. The defense of the city has started! They are coming and they protest! Draw the defense line now! You need to protect the crowded city from take over and make crowd control! Police officer, call all the soldiers for help, clone armies really fast, let's be cops, push em all and stop this riot madness and establish one mob control and base defense of the city!

There are waves of red stickmen coming in each level, and you need to set up defenses and blue stickmen to fight the red ones until their wave is over so you can move on to the next level.

As the waves go by, you win coins that you can spend on better defenses. Each wave is stronger than the last. You can buy the weapons in the main menu's shop. After clicking on a unit, you can choose where to put it on the streets.

Have fun and good luck!

How to play:

Only  mouse!

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