Backgammon Multi player game

Backgammon is a game for the oldest board games ever. Do you know when its history originated? Originated about 5,000 years with archaeological discoveries in the Middle East. This game is not a simple game that you can experience. If you love it. Join us now on the game. This is a two-player game in which each player will have 15 pieces to move between twenty-four different triangles.

The objective of the game is to first move up to 15 chess pieces out of the board. Then you will be able to complete this difficult challenge. You can complete quests that require you a certain skill. You need to understand the rules of the game. Get 15 pieces out of the board as quickly as possible in a short amount of time. Who will be the winner in the game? This must depend on the wise player. If you have the smartest brain thinking about which pieces to play and the position accordingly. Don't let your opponent win first.

Please take the position of leader of the game with the highest score that no one can match with you. Enjoy this new chess game to help you relax and rekindle your passion for the game. Backgammon at ABCya for school is the only game where all the intriguing things can be found. Share with your friends, please. To search with the most delight possible, he played this game with his pals.


Use the mouse to be able to move with the pawn according to your wishes.

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