BlockFit Puzzler game

Blockfit Puzzler is a 3D puzzle game to train spatial vision. The game consists in eliminating the blocks of the upper piece so that, falling vertically, it fits and complements the lower piece. Destroy blocks above by clicking on each cube of the piece and confirm by clicking on the icon with the down arrow, so that the block will fall down and complement in shape to the other.

Our puzzles come in various levels of difficulty, starting from simple 3x3 grids to more complex 5x5 ones. This game will push your cognitive abilities to their limits, offering you equal measures of challenge and entertainment.

PC Controls:
W, A, S, D / Arrow keys - Move the block selector around the grid
Spacebar- Select/Deselect a block for removal
Enter Key- Submit the current configuration
R Key - Reset current level
Esc Key - Pause/Menu Mobile Controls:
Swipe on the screen - Move the block selector around the grid
Tap on the screen - Select/Deselect a block for removal
Swipe upwards - Submit the current configuration
Double Tap - Reset current level
Pause button on-screen - Pause/Menu

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Published by company: trezegames
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