Zakantosh Cardgame Lite game

Zakantosh Cardgame Lite is an engaging and immersive puzzle game that offers a unique gaming experience. This collectible single-player card battle game places a strong emphasis on storytelling, drawing players into a rich and captivating narrative. In this intriguing world, a sinister force has tainted the hearts of various creatures, compelling them to do its bidding. These creatures are under the influence of enigmatic crystals that have suddenly materialized. As the player, you find yourself in the midst of this enigmatic realm, tasked with the challenge of combating these corrupted creatures and uncovering the mysteries of Zakantosh. 

This is a collectible single player card battle game that focuses on Story Content. Your enemies are all kind of creatures, goaded by the evil influence of the mysterious crystals, that appeared out of nowhere. You will need to collect powerful cards and gems to fight your way through Zakantosh. 

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Instruction to play: Use your mouse or touch to play.


Published by company: ChrioGames
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