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A brand new exclusive game with strategy themes has been updated to the list of ABCya 3 online games for kids. You can look forward to the best of Brawl Warfare Online and the most elaborated battle between the side of heroes and the side of evil. Your job is to make sure the battle is won by the heroes of the west and not the evil from the dark sides. The enemies will keep trying to go forward and take over your land, therefore, you need to keep a powerful frontline to avoid that.

The heroes that are going to defend your land are the different soldiers from your team. Dispatch different characters with their unique power to place them in the right positions. If you can defeat many enemies to poke through and capture the flag on your enemies' sides, the victory is yours. When the army of robots reaches closer, prepare for war and set out to create your first line in this shooting battle. Use the gained coins and resources to purchase and hire new soldiers. Make sure that you pick the right troops and the good skills to combat against each enemy.

There will be a board of tutorials at the beginning of the game to let you know how you can defeat each type of robot. If there is a missile firing, be careful and counterattack! There is no time to waste as you have to be smarter and faster than any upcoming robots.

How to play:

Control and choose the troops to dispatch using the mouse cursor. Tap on the screen to play if you are using tablets and mobiles.

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