Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 game

The second sequel of the popular Bubble Shooter Arcade game has come to ABCya-3. Bubble Shooter Arcade 2 is an upgraded version with more action, a new bubble swap feature, and stunning graphics. Here, your main objective is to shoot down as many bubbles as possible and you have to do that as fast as you can. Otherwise, the bubble army will come to you and you lose. Do you see a bar at the bottom of the screen?

It’s a timer. After every 15 seconds, it means when that bar goes empty, two new rows of bubbles will be added and when the bubbles reach the bottom, you have to restart the game. Your bubble-shooting adventure ends sooner or later depending on yourself. If you can blast the bubbles to stop them touch the bottom all the time, you will set a record of high scores. You know the rule already, don’t you? You just need to shoot the bullet ball at more than two bubbles of the same colors to eliminate them.

Like other options of the same genre, if you shoot the bubble bullet at a different ball of color, it means you add one ball to the bubble army. Don’t worry if the next bullet bubble color doesn’t match with any group of bubbles above, you can swap the bubble in your shooter. Your power bar will fill up faster when you shoot down many bubbles at once. And that means you will get a special bubble faster. With this special bubble, you can shoot it anywhere and the bubbles that touch it will drop. Make use of it and it will take you out of the risk.



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