Classic Solitaire Blue game

pider Solitaire Blue is a classic card game that offers three challenging modes of play - one-suit, two-suits, and four-suits. It's a brain-teasing game that guarantees hours of fun. With highly-polished graphics, Softgames Solitaire Games has created a masterpiece for all Solitaire lovers. If you're a fan of this popular style of Solitaire, then this game is a must-play for you!

You need to arrange the cards in descending order, from King down to Ace, in order to eliminate them from the board. Your control is simple: just tap and drag cards using your finger or mouse cursor. Whether you're tackling one-suit or bravely facing the four-suits mode, progression requires strategy and forethought.

Game Controls:

  • USE THE MOUSE to draw cards or place them on the table.

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