Daily Solitaire Blue game

Daily Solitaire Blue brings you a new klondike solitaire game every day! Enjoy different challenges and difficulty levels depending on the day of the week. Practice makes masters! Play every day and increase your chance to earn monthly rewards! Combined with the highly polished graphics that Softgames Solitaire Games are known for, Daily Solitaire Blue guarantees fun and brain teasing for hours to come! Enjoy this card game masterpiece!

The goal of this game is to sort all cards into four piles. Begin each stack with an Ace, and stack the stack in ascending order from Ace to Kings. A card - or a group of cards - can be moved to one of the seven columns if the value of the highest card is exactly one lower and the suit is different from the card it is transferred to.

How to play:

Mouse: Click the three-line menu icon at the bottom left corner, and click options to switch the music and sound off/on and change the positioning of the draw pile and build slots for left- or right-hand play. Click the next card for a build or column pile to move it to the correct spot or double-click and drag the card into position. To receive a hint about the next move, click the button near the bottom right corner that displays a yellow 8 atop a light bulb icon. To undo the last move, click the button at the bottom right corner that displays a back arrow.
Mobile: Access the settings menu by pressing a fingertip or stylus once to the three-line menu icon. To move a card to a build or column pile, tap it once or double-tap and hold a fingertip or stylus against the screen to drag it. Tap the "hints" or "undo" buttons once to reveal or reverse a move, respectively. Jump to top

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