Doodieman Bazooka game

Doodieman Bazooka is a pretty nasty-smelling shooter game that you can play online for free on Evil clowns, zombies and other baddies are on the loose! It's time for the Doodieman to put an end to all the evil!

It's time for fun, a daring and very fun adventure !! Control the peculiar character Doodieman, help him aim and fire his sticky projectiles and have fun during each level !!! Have fun with this new game Doodieman Bazooka, a spectacular and very fun game with which you will spend many hours smiling, play it for free now on ABCya-3.

In this game, the beginning of the end is here. The world used to be a beautiful place, before all the attacks started to happen. Bad guys, evil clowns, and even zombies came out of the shadows and brought darkness with them. The world is in a silent chaos now. None dare make a sound unless they want to be found. In a world that is ruled by evil, how many of the forces of evil can you take down?

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