Emoji Word Puzzle game

Emoji Word Puzzle is a fun and challenging game that combines your knowledge of emojis, word puzzles, and your ability to recognize words hidden in pictures... Do you love combining words and emojis? Do you like word search games? If so, this is the perfect game for you! In this new release, we are bringing you a brand new word puzzle game combined with emoji fun.

Combine letters into meaningful words in accordance with the help of the emojis you see on the bottom of the page. Level up by completing the puzzles and challenge yourself as the words get more difficult. The more words you can guess, the more coins you can earn. If you're stuck on a puzzle, use the hint button at the top of the page to reveal one of the words by spending the coins you've earned. Words Emoji is the perfect way to kill some time while improving your vocabulary.

How to play:

To choose letters or emojis, use the mouse on your computer. The meaning of each individual emoji that makes up a compound word is a helpful hint. Now solve this enjoyable problem by using your mental muscles!

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