Flipman game

Flipman is a super fun arcade game with beautiful graphic design and lively sound. Play now to enjoy challenging levels and climb to the top of the best players. Start playing right now to take on more difficult challenges! The visuals and music in this game are really high quality, and the gameplay is very easy to understand. The image of your character will then display on the screen in front of you at that point. 

In this game, you’ll need to collect all the dots in the maze to finish every level. You can use the exits around the edges of the maze to teleport to the other side. The mazes will become bigger and more complicated as you progress through the game.

Make sure not to get caught by the colorful ghosts roaming the narrow passageways! When you grab an apple, the ghosts will turn gray. Now, you’ll be able to eat them for a change.

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Controling key: 

  • Use the arrow keys/ WASD to move your character


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