Football Juggle game

Football Juggle is another fun option for kids who love a bit of sports game added with some arcade game features. In this endless game, your main goal is to keep the ball in the air using the juggling motion for as long as possible. Thanks to the fun graphic design and realistic motion of the character, you will feel the real experience with buzzing vibration and cool action that resembles a real-life motion. To be the first player on the ranking board, you need to try to juggle the ball as many times as you can.

First, pick the foot that you would like to control and start with the practice. Do your best to estimate the movement of the ball on your foot to keep track of its direction and estimate when to kick. It's best to weigh every kick and utilize your momentum to keep the ball balanced for a long time. It might seem easy at first, but once your hands are sore and you have progressed in the game for a long time, that's when the difficulty of the game starts hitting. How long will you be able to keep the ball in the air without any failure?

There will be a bar on the bottom of the screen to show the gained scores as well as the number of juggles that you manage to gather. This will no doubt become one of the best games for competitive friends to share and have fun during playtime! After having mastered the basics of this game, why don't you take a look at other equally fun games such as World Cup Fever and Super Goal at The world of free gaming options filled with various genres and themes welcomes the curious!

How to play: Click and hold the mouse to juggle.

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