Football Master game

A simple match of Football Master from ABCya-3 will not be easy to crack. Instead of competing against ordinary players from another team, you will be competing against the masters of this sport. Overall, the game rules remain unchanged and the tasks are similar. You can learn to shoot the ball at your opponent's goal with the best of your talents, however, you will still need to bring the ball to their place before hitting it. Tons of obstacles on the field are ready to prevent you from reaching your destination.

The list of obstacles shall vary, however, plenty of them with various hindrances are here for you to overcome. Don't think that you can overcome one obstacle again after winning over it once. These obstacles will be upgraded with slight changes in the higher stages to keep the game harder and harder. Do your best to utilize advanced logical thinking, physics laws, and the highest creativity range to make sure that you can conquer this game in the shortest time frame ever recorded! These levels are available for you to replay at any time if you are looking forward to cracking the old records for scores.

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Keep sharing this game with other football lovers and share this gaming session to keep the gaming time spicy, full of action, and thrilling! Don't hesitate to control the character with bold movements and estimate the other teams' or objects' movement using the physics. Would you like to take a look at some brilliant games with similar themes such as Football Master and Jump Dunk? Conquer the current one to enhance skills, develop the best gaming techniques, and then move toward the harder games for a blast later!

Controlling keys:

Use the left mouse click to control and move in the game.

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