Gun Guys game

Gun Guys is a shooting game where you play as a rambo-like character in the jungle that must take out all the enemies with limited supply of bullets.

In this game, your main aim is to simply clear your enemies off your way. You need to go on your way without interruption, so this means shooting away some gruesome enemies. There will be a series of chapters that will all present you with a different kind of setting. Throughout each of these chapters, you will play 20 levels. Although your main aim is to shoot your enemies, you will sometimes need some little puzzle-solving skills to be able to aim at your enemies. When you are in a position that is blocked by some objects, you need to use your wits to let the bullet bounce between the walls. You have a limited number of bullets for each level, so try to eliminate all your rivals with clever moves. Let’s see if you can be successful throughout the game!

How to play Gun Guys:

Defeat your enemies the smart way, save the world and become a true hero! Get ready for challenging quests like you've never seen!

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Simplicity Games

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