Hanger 2 HTML5 game

Hanger is back! Swing like Spider-Man through the new levels! Hanger is a ragdoll swinging game with awesome physics! Swing as far as you can but be careful not to lose to many body parts! Avoid the dangers like buzz saws and collect coins to unlock and upgrade your characters!

Hanger 2 features a total of 21 skins. The first skin is the default skin, which is automatically opened. The other skills can be unlocked by either buying them with coins, watching an ad, or performing some specific hidden tasks. Do you have what it takes to unlock all skins, complete all the levels, and all hidden content of the game?

In order for the hero to fly away, you need to let him go down and hold the left mouse button for a few seconds, then he will start to gain momentum.

While flying from rope to rope, beware of obstacles, try to fly past any objects without touching them.

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How to play: Use left mouse button to play.

Published by company: A Small Game
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