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For the first time, you will experience the mission of flying an airplane when you join the game Rescue Helicopter. Unlock levels and get 3 stars to perfect your game. Enjoy the exciting experience that https://abcya3games.net/ has brought to any player. Do you want to save people while flying a helicopter? Helicopter Rescue is a fun casual game where players can rescue people.

Move to inhabited locations and save them. After that, you need to land in a position with a red flag. Overcome each difficult challenge with your flying skills. Share this game with other online players. The city rescue team needs your support. Complete the challenges and get the best results in each game. This game not only attracts you but also helps you relax in your spare time. Controlling a helicopter is not easy. If the plane lands low, it will explode. Therefore, you need to move to a high position and land at a medium altitude. Save the most people in the distance of the plane.

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Use the left mouse button to change the altitude of the helicopter until you finish. mission and reach the final destination

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