Huggie & Kissy The magic temple game

Welcome to more adventures of plush monsters! "Huggy and Kissy in The Magic Temple" is a fun platformer where you must help a monstrous couple escape from an enchanted temple. The story is silent on how they got there, but they urgently need to get in. If the guys don't run from the temple before midnight, they'll stay there forever. Only you can help the monsters. Otherwise, they will trap in an endless maze.

Huggie a Kissy need your help while trying to discover magical temples. Help them solve numerous puzzles, find keys to secret doors and collect all of the diamonds! Enjoy the best platforming gameplay around and switch between the characters so that you can get through all of the obstacles. Play alone or with a friend and help each other in this great adventure! The game offers you pleasant graphics and 20 levels whose difficulty will be increasing. The game can also be played on your phone. So come on, be sure to try it out!

How to play?

Use the arrows.

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