NOVA Covered Ops game

The hero Kal Wardin is on a mission to save mankind from the attacks of unknown forces. Conquer this game of Nova Covered Ops in which your main task is to make sure that the land you are protecting will not be captured by any enemy. To save the planet from the desperate plea from Yelena, do your best to shoot at the targets. These dangerous enemies will be moving constantly without any heads-up. The goal of the game requires the players here at to precisely utilizing their shooting and aiming technique to conquer the battlefield.

One mistake and your character will be taken out of the match. Once again, the burden of saving mankind is on your shoulder. Do your best to crack all these 14 immersive levels which are placed in two different environments. Let's see if you can juggle both tasks of aiming to shoot, and collecting the power-ups. These power-ups and special weapons will be of great help when you have to face plenty of enemies later in the game. Can you defeat the enemies in 14 immersive levels with different layouts and incredibly challenging settings?

Keep in mind that a single hit from your enemies can't kick you out of the battle, however, plenty of them will be quite a blow to your health. Keep track of the health bar on the top of the game screen to know how much power you have left. Once you have mastered the basics and controlling key sets of this game, you will be able to enjoy the exciting gameplay alongside the virtual enemies for sure!


Click and move the mouse cursor to shoot.

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Gameloft SE

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