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Danger Dash is the latest endless runner game that you can play for free. This one has the same gameplay as so many endless runner games out there. Here, you get lost in the jungle and you are being chased by wild animals. To survive, you have to run forwards like never before without stopping. Your main objective is to run as far as possible. You have to jump over, slide under, and avoid obstacles on the way. While running, try to collect as much money as possible as well as pick up several useful items such as Multiplier Bonus, Moneybag, and so on to make your running easier.

One of the purposes of using your money in this game is to revive. When you crash into any obstacles, you can use the money to revive and keep your journey going. If you don’t have money and you die, you have to restart the game. There are 4 different characters and each character owns a special skill. Your very first character in this ABCya3 game is Chuck Ace. He has more than 4 seconds to revive ankh. Miranda Rose can increase your score multiplier by 3 points. Blowing Wind is the man who has a free revive in every run and Talos increases the value of the moneybag by 5 times.

Besides, you have 5 upgrades including Multiplier Bonus, Revival Ankh, Jungle Fever, Gem Rush, Moneybag, Gem Coins, and The Tiger. You also have different missions and achievements to clear and get rewards. As you proceed, the game becomes more challenging. Be ready for upcoming challenges.


Mouse or arrow keys.

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Gameloft SE

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