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Knock Off is a fun football game that combines with some puzzle elements. Have you ever played a football game while solving a puzzle? If not, this chance is for you. Imagine that you are a football player and you are in the practice stage to prepare for a new league. Your coach invents a new way to train all players and you are the first one who tests this new method. In each level, you have to destroy 5 pillars of blocks to move to the next stage.

To destroy these blocks, you will shoot at the target pinned on the pillar. However, you don't have to shoot at this. Shoot at any points you want as soon as you can make the pillar of blocks fall. You have 5 balls to destroy each pillar. On ABCya3 online, there are some points you should notice. It's better to shoot at the target because you will earn extras. Besides, try to shoot at TNT to easily make the pillar being destroyed. Hit the ball in some obstacles in front of the pillar also give you an extra.

Shoot at the target several times in a row to make combos. When you complete this training course, your shooting skills are sure to improve. This course won't put you under pressure because it places on very eye-catching locations. Practice and sightseeing at the same time. After practicing, you can apply what you have learned on other games such as Football Juggle and Football Master.


Use left click to shoot and Spacebar to continue.

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