Little Farm Clicker game

Discover now the Little Farm Clicker online game at You will show a lot of your special skills when participating in this fascinating game. Would you like to get started now? Show a lot of the farmer jobs you master. You will grow rice to sell, and harvest a lot of vegetables to buy seeds. Raising chickens for eggs and pigs for meat. There are many unique things about starting this particular game.

You will build yourself a new skill in agriculture. The everyday tasks will be skillfully conquered by you when entering this game. Let's enjoy even more new things when playing Little Farm Clicker online game. Try to practice all those jobs smoothly to earn income and Switch to something new and different. Your farm grows and raises a lot of plants and animals, you need to constantly work and have a closed process in breeding. Take advantage of more to be able to develop a larger site. We're going to start now and have some extra specials.

The graphics are very realistic and eye-catching. Try your creativity when starting this game. You will be present and be a hard-working farmer with a lot of farm work. You will know how to exchange the seeds and plant your land. When you have enough money, you can buy more seeds and other plots of land to grow crops. Enjoy the new things as much as you can. We will improve it effectively. Please explore some other games such as Parking Escape and Color Puzzle  to have a fun day.

Instructions: Use the mouse to play.

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