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If you have played too many action-packed games, it’s time to find something that brings a relaxing and calming feeling such as a puzzle game. Well, we have a great option for you. It’s called Parking Escape. It’s not an escaping journey from a parking lot. It’s about freeing the crowded parking lot. It’s full of cars and cars block cars. You need to help every car in the parking lot go out.

There is no limited time or move. As soon as all the cars escape from the parking lot with your help, your mission in that level is completed and you can move to the next level. The gameplay and control are simple enough for kids to play as well. You move vehicles one by one. A level can be solved within a few seconds. Of course, as you advance, the difficulty is not the same. It increases significantly. Some obstacles will appear to make it difficult for you. Unlike other sliding puzzle games that you may have played at, the parking slot has several exits instead of only one exit.

Therefore, you also have several ways to finish a level. The point is that you need to observe the whole parking lot because sometimes, you may not realize where the exits are. However, on some levels, you have to move the vehicles out in a specific order. By solving a puzzle, you earn coins. You can use coins to unlock new car packages in the store. These car packages are skins for cars. They don’t affect gameplay at all.


Mouse or touch to move the vehicles out.

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