Mahjong Relax game

Mahjong Relax is the classic Mahjong board game. It was originated in China and now has millions of fans around the world. The goal is to eliminate all of the tiles to win. Although, you can't choose two that are covered by other tile or that aren't on the outside of the figure. Matching can be fun and there are great animations within the game that make it more interactive.

You can choose to speed through it and see how fast you can finish the puzzle, or you can take your time and enjoy the calm nature of puzzles. If you get stuck they have a "hint" option available so you can keep moving forward. If you get to a point where you cant find anymore moves and don't want to use a hint then you can mix up the tiles you have to try and get more combinations to show up. Mahjong Relax is an outstanding puzzle game for all ages and if you haven't already, try it out!

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