Rush Race game

The Rush Race game is your only option if you want to rank first in this race. When you take part in a game's mission, you can completely enjoy the fastest and most intense driving sensation. While driving, go fast and make passes while avoiding collisions with other vehicles. If you collide this will cause you to stop the game. There are other racing cars in front of you. You need to dodge it move left or right to keep yourself safe. Try not to crash into each other in front of countless cars and vehicles are moving very fast.

What do you need to do? As long as you focus on the observation game and combine many skills, you can completely become an excellent racing car full of clever driving skills and earn yourself a high score. You can unlock many more different sports cars by taking your money to upgrade them. Take a look at the car models for the most immersive sports driving experience. You can unlock more race tracks when you can meet the requirements that the game offers.

When you reach the finish line, of course, you become the winner and pass the level. Experience the most exciting driving experience in this game and find new thrills at different road speeds. You can invite your friends to join the game Rush Race so that together you can transform into racers with the best skills of the director.


Use mouse to be able to dodge lots of different cars.

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