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If you have played Tetris and 2048 before, you can find something similar in a puzzle game called Merge Fruit. This is one of the most worth-playing games. It’s simple to play but hard to master. However, it still suits players of all ages, even kids. You are brought to a world of fruits. Here, you have to merge 2 of the same fruit to create a high-level one.

For instance, combining two lemons yields one kiwi, two kiwis yields one tomato, two tomatoes yields one peach, and so on. You can create a new fruit by fusing two identical ones. The goal is to make the largest fruit, whose identity you won't know until you make it. You can choose where to dump a random fruit by dragging it to the left or right once it appears at the top of the screen. You should drop it into the same fruit or 1 level lower fruit. This helps you make a chain of reactions.

On ABCya3 games, the bigger the fruit, the less space you have. If fruit piles up and reach the top line, all fruits explode and give you bonus points. It also means that game is over and you may want to start a new round. You cannot change the position of fruits after they’re dropped. Then, let’s choose the right position from the beginning. You can make use of the next fruit to make this fruit come close to that fruit and merge them. The more you play, the more experience you have and as a result, you get a higher score each time you play.


Click to drop fruits.

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