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Parking Training is a timed parking game that combines real-world, motor-vehicle parking with obstacle-course elements. Each unique parking lot is depicted as a glowing white ball on a road on a geographic map. The game displays an overhead view of a parking lot that features parking spaces and obstacles! Effortless parking is an art, and those just learning how to drive can use this free game as a simulator of sorts. After progressing through all game levels, players learn how to park backward or in a parallel fashion and how to maneuver without crashing into objects — accounting for street markings while driving.


To control your vehicle you can use the buttons on the screen or the WASD keys on your keyboard. There are dozens of levels to complete but you unlock them one by one. In each level, you have 3 lives and a time limit. Try to be quick, but don't rush or you might crash your car. Once you reach the parking spot, you have to wait there for a couple of seconds. Try your best to collect all the coins in each level. These can be used to unlock and buy better cars from the in-game shop.\

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