Penalty Champs 22 game

It's time for another penalty shootout World Cup. Penalty Champs 22 game attracts players from all over the world. Choose your national team, shoot and defend penalties, and gain titles. ABCya3 introduces a football game version for players to choose to participate and win the match. In addition to the classic game mode, you can also play against your friends. Triple-tap to determine the direction, height, and strength of the shot. When defending, you only need to click once where you want the keeper to drop (right before the shot you will see the target showing where the opponent will shoot).

Adjust between turns to complete the match with a high score and win over other opponents. Select the country you want to join and protect. Share tips for hitting the ball on goal to win every game. Who will be a good player today? Help your friends join and complete football games if you love the game space we recommend. The players can all adjust the position of the ball to complete the game with a high score. Share your soccer tips to win gold in this year's tournament. If you love online soccer games, get ready to play this competitive version at

After choosing the ways to play, the player can join and make the appropriate choice to complete. Kick the ball into the goal and score. If you lose, you can learn experience in the next round. Which players are ready to join our new game? Join and try to complete new special editions.


Left-click or tap directly on the screen to adjust the direction of the ball's movement.

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