Pin Water Rescue game

Pin Water Rescue is an enjoyable puzzle game about pulling the pins to solve a problem. Here, you are put in different situations where you have to use your problem-solving skills to save the house from fire and the girl from the water. To reach your goal in each level, you have to pull the right pins in the right order to make the water flow into the house that is firing while blocking the water flow to the girl’s place to make sure she isn’t drowning.

So, you don't just have a single mission but two. Water can be your savior but water also can be a threat that puts you at risk. The key is observation. You should have a close look at the position of each pin and think about what will happen if you pull this pin. Then, you can make the right decision. On ABCya3, it’s too hard to solve the puzzle, even kids can play it. You don’t have to spend time collecting something or upgrading your character and so on.

The gameplay is straightforward. You enter the next level when you finish the current one without any mistakes. The mistake here is to pull the wrong pin. This game doesn’t offer a hint. So just rely on yourself to solve the problem. Besides, you can start a level whenever you want. Don’t worry if you fail. Keep in your mind that the puzzle becomes much harder as you progress. Sound fun, doesn’t it?


Mouse to pull the pins.

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