Pony Friendship game

Pony Friendship is a logic game in which little ponies get lost in the woods. It is necessary to meet in the center of the location to help them follow the rules of mirror reflection. A simple and, at the same time, complex logic game awaits you. But if you will be attentive and try to think through every step — success awaits you! You can improve your score every time two ponies are opposite each other on the location. When the first pony moves, the second pony repeats the actions in the mirror. You need to spend as little action as possible so that the ponies meet in the center of the location. It is worth noting that the ponies can meet only where the heart will sparkle.

The rules of the game are simpler than they seem. The characters will constantly move in mirror along the path, so if you want your friend to overcome some obstacles you will have to make the right moves for him to succeed, you will have to be very conscious with every step you take! Complete your mission in as few moves as possible and enjoy like never before. Good luck...

How to play:

Use the mouse to play this game.

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