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Most people are scared of spiders. Just a few people love them. Which side are you in? The spider-loving side or the spider-hating side? If you’re also scared of spiders, then Spider Hunt can be a great game for you. There, you can hunt spiders and kill them by using bombs. Poisonous spiders are everywhere and they threaten your life. Kill them before they harm you. So every single level in 40 levels requires you to kill a certain number of spiders within a given time.

In the beginning, you can place only one bomb by tapping or clicking on the location that you want to put in the spider’s moving path. The bomb will explore after a few seconds. The bomb limit you have is 2. You may think that you can block the moving path of the spider by locking it between two bombs. It’s not working because the spider can climb over the bombs and run away. Looking at their moving direction to place bombs at the right moment and location. Remember that time is limited. If time runs out and you haven’t killed all the spiders, you have to restart that level.

This mission becomes more challenging over level as more spiders appear. If two identical spiders meet, they will fall in love and give birth. You don’t want that to happen, do you? No one wants. So, plan your action to kill them effectively. You have only 2 bombs while there are so many spiders. They will win over you or you will win. It depends on you.



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