Rummikub game

The original Rummikub free game at ABCya3 land has been updated to add tons of new rules and innovative gameplay to create a new challenging game of cards and blocks. Your job is to use your intelligence and come up with the best moves for arranging the pieces. In order to conquer one round, a player needs to combine the available pieces to make a group of increasing numbers, same numbers, or other combinations. Each player takes a turn to either show his or her group of tiles or pick up another piece from the original deck.

It's the game that requires more than just a unique combination of luck. You will need to create a smart strategy and good reflex to be able to stand a chance against the best players from other countries. This is a perfect option for a family get-together during the Christmas holiday as you can guess and enjoy a free game for as long as you like. Be smart when dealing with colors and numbers in this game. There will be some pieces that don't include either colors or numbers but they will have a special icon on them. Those can be used in any way that you like.

All you have to do is placing them among the rack and come up with a way to make it meaningful among the other numbers. Also, you can press and hold the left side of a tile run to collect the whole line before placing them on the board. Another tip for newbies is that by placing 789 or 777, you can arrange the tiles on your rack by the runs or sets. Your initial meld or first move must have a total of 30 points or more.


Click and choose the Rummikub pieces by the left button.

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