Flick Soldier 3D game

Flick Soldier 3D is a fun soldier  fighting game. Flick your soldiers to win by flicking them and knocking your opponent's king off the platform. Likewise, if your king is knocked off the platform, then you will lose. Are you ready to start the action of defending the king? Are you confident of winning the game? Good luck!

In this game, you are controlling a king and his small but powerful army through multiple challenging and fun levels. In each level, you control the king, yours, in red, and its soldiers as well, going up against the blue king and his minions, having to knock them off the chessboard platform to win. Aim and shoot using the mouse by dragging and releasing, using the fingers directly on the screen for mobile devices, so that you hit them.

Remember to share this fascinating game with your friends and invite your friends to join the game today to have the opportunity to challenge yourself in an extremely attractive adventure game. It would be great if you participated in some other similar game genres like Kings Clash  and Tanks Zone io .

How to play: Use the mouse.

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