Sector 781 game

Practice as a warrior defending the checkpoint under the invasion of many enemies. Ready to start Sector 781 online game. Play now and start to be able to fight hard. You will love this game very much. Do fun things with your friends. Imagine you are in a checkpoint. Some people are invading this place. You need to destroy them. Destroy how? You will use weapons and shoot them down.

Fight hard to get money to upgrade your character and weapons. Collect items to increase your energy supply. Use the teleporter to navigate around the kingdoms. Shoot opponents that move and some that don't. Enable the notebook data to save your location. You will have to use a lot of manipulation in this game. You will be completely unified weapons. You will jump up, down... and combine sniper. Find the right position to be able to immediately shoot down the opponents. Sector 781 at ABCya3 requires you to be very flexible. You will be using a lot of techniques at the same time.

You will also need to experience sniper techniques to kill opponents quickly. Many items in this game to exchange for new energy. Vivid graphic design, looking at the interface makes players feel very eye-catching. You can do that. Conquer the challenges right away and you'll do more. You will complete the task lightly. The game has 3 levels, each level includes 25 different screens. 7 types of enemies and 1 big boss after each level. Take advantage of 6 different power-ups to be able to fight every enemy.

How to play:

Move key, jump arrow key.

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